Chinese Health Analyzer

Like the musicians who make up an orchestra, the chinese body systemsheart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and vital energy — must all work in harmony. When a concern in one body system arises, other systems are affected. Total health requires that all body systems be balanced.  A group of top-notch Chinese herbalists created the “brains” for this online tool. – [Read Chinese Herbology Overview]

Step 1 – Complete the Analysis

Answering the following 178 questions will help to determine your system profile. You can then devise a nutritional plan to best meet your needs, and select Nature’s Sunshine Chinese Herbs to assist you.

Put a check in the box for each item that applies to you.
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All kinds of fears Insomnia
Nervousness Cardiac arrhythmia (Heart attack in progress)
Neurosis Low sexual response
Epilepsy Poor zinc absorption
Excessive perspiration Forgetfulness
Heart attack Sentimental
Suicidal tendencies Chest pain
Nightmares Upper back pain
Angina Pectoris Pain in the legs
Speaking and eating fast Frequent urination
Unstable (personal, social, and at work) Numbness in left arm
Depression Heart inflammation
Gastric acidity-gastric ulcers All types of cancer
High triglyceride count Severe and persistent fatigue
Irritability, anger or bad temper Bad appetite, gluttony
Aggressiveness and hardheadedness Pain in right lower side of the chest
Throat irritation Chronic hepatitis
Tonsil inflammation Cirrhosis
Gall bladder stones Tumors (ovaries, uterus, stomach)
Eye infections (ex: sties) Hemorrhoids
Allergies High Cholesterol
Digestive problems Tendon Inflammation
Migraines Vices (alcoholism, tobacco, cocaine)
Menstrual irregularities Weakness in legs and lower back
Indigestion Uric acid
Neurological and muscle dysfunctions (all kinds of paralysis) Rheumatism
Difficulty getting out of bed Collapsed organs
Stomach Pain Ulcerative colitis
Stagnated and/or decomposed food in stomach Difficulty losing or gaining weight
Headache (occipital area) Hernias
Seasick (because of movement) Bruises
Vomiting Anemia
Gas (burping, colic) Nasal congestion
Diarrhea Low muscle tone (fluffy muscles)
Weight problems Menstrual pain
Craving for sweets Varicose veins
Hangovers Poor blood circulation
Asthma Lung cancer
Shallow breathing Tuberculosis
Nasal congestion Pneumonia
Lymphatic system inflammation Narrow (thin) chest
Overweight Rickets
Low ability to physically exercise Tiredness
Perfectionist Painful breathing
Pulmonary congestion Dry cough
Bronchitis Hard breathing (panting)
Allergies (to chemicals, dust and pollen) Dry skin
Nasal tract pain Influenza
Swelling of the hands Pulmonary Infections
Edema (water in the blood) Impotence
Afternoon weakness Weak legs
Poor urination Brittle bones
Backache Arthritis
Sciatica problems Kidney Inflammation
Prostate pain Osteoporosis / Premature over calcification
Kidney stones White/greying hair
Kidney inflammation (nephritis) Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
Painful knees Back problems
Inflammation of the fingers in the afternoon Problems when climate turns cold
Hypertension (high blood pressure) Premature aging
Overweight (noticeable all over the body) Ailments in the bones
Redeye Sugar problems
Cyst forming in the eye Warm feet and hands early at night
Pain in the eye Burning sensation in the skin
Glaucoma Autoimmune disorders
Rosacea Hypertension
Herpes (mouth) Dry cough
Pain in the shoulders, arms and wrists. Urinary Incontinence
Diabetes Diabetes
Ear Infections Joint pains
Chronic Sinus problems Chronic fatigue
Overweight Vertigo
Uterus, nose and gum bleeding. Deafness
Gum Inflammation Ulcerative wounds in the legs
Itchy skin Lack of control
Heavy sensation in the head Chronic fatigue
Emotional instability Prolonged stress
Nightmares Overall weakness
Depression Impotence
Helplessness (always asks for help) Resignation
Autoimmune disorders Autoimmune disorders
Liver ailments Frequent influenza
Social resentment Cancer
Hysteria Suicidal thoughts
Hypochondria Hemorrhoids
Menopause Asthma
Stomach problems Backaches
Impotence Few desires to progress in life
Hair loss Fears