Nature’s Sunshine Earning Through Sharing

Helping Others

It feels good to help others. Seeing someone enjoy a “new life” because of much-improved health is priceless. With an NSP business, you’re part of an important cause.

Earning Through Sharing – A Real Business Opportunity

Sharing the benefits of natural health and Nature’s Sunshine has never been easier or smarter. Over half of every dollar the company receives is paid back to its Members and Managers in rebates, commissions and benefits.

What kind of business is right for your lifestyle? The NSP business opportunity allows you to work at your own speed, when you want, where you want, part-time or full-time. Mix and match business styles. The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Earn enough to get free products.
  • Sharing-based business –share products with others and build a business of unlimited size.
  • Retail-based business –open a retail shop
  • Personal Website –Capture online customers by creating a personalized webpage.
  • Health Consultant –Meet one-on-one with others about health and vitality.
  • Joint venture –partner with other health professionals (doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.).
  • Global Sponsoring–sponsor in countries around the world.

Do you order a few of the same products every month? If so, you should participate in our AutoShip Program, which allows you to save 5% (up to $15) on your favorite products each month. As a Member, you may receive personal rebates of up to 30 percent. Plus, take advantage of weekly discounts and special promotions that will save you money!

Get credit for sharing NSP products and the opportunity on the Internet! Nature’s Sunshine is excited to offer everyone a high-quality, secure, easy-to-use website to help you start or enhance your NSP business.

Increase your earning potential as you help others by sponsoring sharing the NSP business opportunity around the world.