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  1. How Do Herbs Differ From Drugs?

  2. Why Use Herbs?

  3. Can I Take Herbs While Preparing For Surgery Or Any Medical Procedure?

  4. What Herbs Can I Take While Pregnant Or Lactating?

  5. What Guidelines Do You Offer For Children Taking Supplements?

  6. What Are Herbs ?

  7. What Third-party Clinical Research Is Available For Nature's Sunshine Products?

  8. Can Natures Sunshine Products Be Taken With Prescription Medications?

  9. Will Herbs Cure My Illnesses?

  10. Are There Bad Side Effects From Using Herbs?

  11. How Soon Will I Notice Results?

  12. When Is The Best Time To Take Herbs?

  13. How Many Herbs Do I Take And For How Long?

  14. Are There Any Herbal Treatments For Cancer?

  15. Can I Stop Taking My Prescription Medicine?

  16. I'm Not Experiencing The Results I Expected From Natures Sunshine Weight-loss Products. What Am I Doing Wrong?

  17. How Do Stimulating Laxative Herbs (cascara Sagrada, Buckthorn, Turkey Rhubarb, Senna, Whole Leaf Aloe, Etc.) Work In The Body, And How Long Can I Take Them?

  18. What Supplements Should I Avoid While On Chemotherapy?

  19. Which Herbs Interact With Coumadin?

  20. Can I Exceed The Recommended Dosage?

  21. Does Vegetable Seasoning Broth (once-a-year Product) Contain Msg (monosodium Glutamate/glutamic Acid)?