Traditional Chinese Medicine


Yin and Yang represent all opposite principles in the universe. 



Under Yang we find the principles of: 

Masculinity, the sun, creation, heat, light, the sky, dominancy, external, ascending, weightlessness, dryness, aggressiveness, clarity, etc.

Under Yin we find the principles of: 

Femininity, the moon, conclusion, cold, darkness, the earth, submission, internal, descending, heaviness, humidity, receptiveness, confusion, etc.

Each of these conditions determines its opposite condition. For example, the sky is identified as the ideal part of Yang. Yin physically defines the sky through the earth, or “what is not the sky,” and vice versa! One principle never completely dominates or depends on the other. In life we pass through opposites-health and sickness, riches and poverty, power and submission, etc. – which can be explained in terms of temporary dominancy of one principle over the other. Inasmuch as neither principle dominates eternally, every condition is subject to change to its opposite condition. 

Energy: A Direct Approach

In order to explain the Chinese philosophy about energy, let’s use an example. To give its energy, a battery has two poles, one positive and one negative. Like a battery, each organ in our body has two polarities, a positive and a negative. When we are born, we discharge energy through our vital organs. There are few people born with full polarity in an organ. We are all discharged; we all have deficiencies. 

Just as a battery needs to be recharged, the organs of the body need recharging as well. An organ may be deficient in either positive or negative energy. Chinese herbal formulations support the body and recharge the organs. When the body is energized adequately, its organs work well and interact properly. They produce the necessary hormones and enzymes in adequate amounts, and the body can repair what needs to be repaired. It enters into “homeostasis,” a perfect balance of health and vitality. 

As each organ can be energy deficient on the negative or the positive side, symptoms may be manifested as positive or negative energy deficiencies from each main organ, and later from the whole body. Whether you are deficient in positive or negative energy, there is a Chinese formula that helps to rectify these conditions.

TCM Formulas

Through careful coordination among our scientists and experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we have created our “TCM Concentrates” product line. Their effectiveness and content keep them loyal to our former line of successful Chinese products and to the Chinese Medicinal Philosophy.

Each product in the TCM Concentrate line has been carefully prepared from the extract of the whole, powdered herb. The herb is filtrated at a temperature low enough to minimize evaporation and the loss of the active constituents of the herb, yet hight enough to allow a synergistic interaction. This different from the Occidental philosophy, which concentrates the herbs individually and then combines them. In TCM, the entire formulas is extracted as a whole, resulting in a powerful, extremely potent product. 

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